Hi! I’m Zeid A. Nima and welcome to Mediterranean Recipes! I’m so glad you’re here!

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I am a Chemist :), Oh yes!, I always thinking about cooking or adding ingredients to a recipe as if I am preparing a new compound LOL.

Meditteranean diet becomes really serious business in last few years. Our modern life full with fast food that in turn full of carbs, unnatural sugar, refined grains, and red meat, these ingredients are the reasons for our health epidemic. Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are still in rising in our societies.

The Mediterranean Diet is not one, single diet. After all, the Greeks eat differently from the Spanish. And the Italians from the French. But those who live in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea share a general way of eating that’s rich in fruits and vegetables, whole-grains, fish, and olive oil that research shows are healthiest for your heart.

In this Blog, I am committed to offering only healthy and mostly vegetarian, recipes from countries around the Mediterranean Sea.